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Creating a Cozy Space in for My Home Office

Working from home was something that I used to look forward to during the week. Prior to quarantine, I had (and still have) the privilege of  enjoying teleworking from home twice a week on Thursday’s & Friday’s. Not only did it break up my work week, it allowed me to save on the stresses of commuting through the city 5 days a week; which did wonders to my psyche and moral. However, now that my home has become my office, and my office has become my home, maintaining self-motivation  and organization in between the blurred lines has become a challenge to navigate.

Life pre Covid-19 and quarantine, meant completing my telework from by bedside. I had a “set up”, in the sense of the word, but it was inconsistent of an actual workspace. It  consisted of a small t.v. stand that held my 11″ laptop that offered little to no relief but, nevertheless it worked. Fast forward, to one week into quarantine life, and my lower back was screaming for more than moral support.

I quickly browsed the internet for an affordable new home office desk & chair, waited for it to arrive, and assembled it. Once it was complete, I again noticed something; this new was desk and chair of mine, still was missing a personal touch. So, using my creativity, I shopped my home for home decor items I’ve previously purchased from Goodwill that could add elements to create a cozy space to my “office”.

1. Plants: There is something about plants (living or fake) that brighten up a space. They are the perfect finishing touches that work well with any color palette surrounding it. If you have been following me for a while, you’ve probably seen plants in by photo backgrounds.

2. Books: Besides the obvious, books can be used in multiple ways. I’ve been using them as props during video calls for work and for virtual hangouts with friends. Having a level eye with your computer screen is important for your posture as well, and you’ll notice the difference at the end of they day of how you feel if you’re forced to look down at your screen instead of straight on.

3.Baskets & Ceramics: I have been loving the combination of natural wood colors, neutral brown shades, and ivory shades to decorate my space. I decided to incorporate a few of the ceramic bowls and baskets to hold my writing utensils and to use as storage within my desk. Now that this area is one that I spend more time in, it’s only fitting that I visually make it look consistent with the rest of my room.

4. Office Essentials: What is an office without the essentials? My computer mouseI picked up this mouse a few months ago, after losing the previous one. I’m so grateful for Goodwill having virtually everything you need in their stores, especially tech products. Using my laptop’s track pad as my primary navigation was proving to be unproductive and frustrating. I picked this up for under $5! College Ruled Notepad: I am someone who loves making to-do list’s, even if completely ignore them right after writing them. I found a few college ruled notebooks for under $1 at Goodwill and was so happy to stock up.

How are you holding up during this time? Are you working from home and had to create a new space on the fly? I’d love it if you shared your thoughts below!




Wild and Out: A Glimpse of Spring with Animal Print

It’s almost that time again! Spring is in the air and one of my favorite patterns is making a reappearance into my closet, animal print! I was able to score this long lined, midi length animal print skirt, originally from Asos for under $8!

This style skirt was high on my list of spring items I wanted to pick up during my thrift trip last weekend, and when I spotted it from across the store, I darted my way over and secured it in my cart. I was actually stunned that it was one of the first things I found while thrifting that day.

For this post, I want to show you a couple ways I am styling this midi skirt for spring. 

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Stacked Prints

During that same trip, I was also able to find a brand new with tags, Guns & Roses band tee, originally from Forever 21! I’ve been on the hunt for more band tee’s or graphic tee’s that are versatile but also shows a bit of my personality. Although, I don’t listen to Guns & Roses, I a huge fan of music and creativity. Plus, the neutral color palette in this shirt spoke to me, so it was a must to take home.

I find this outfit works perfectly for a day out or even to wear to a weekend brunch. I paired this outfit with my Doc Marten platform combat boots and moto jacket;  and I’m good to go!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


Business on the Top, Party on the Bottom

When considering that I, like most adults, I hold down a 9-5 during the week, after work you can usually find me at a nearby bar with coworkers and friends for  happy hour. I find a nice cocktail to be the perfect way to unwind and I need an outfit to match the vibe after a long day in the office.

For this outfit, I need to transition from business casual, to casual casual. Here, I have I paired my leopard skirt with my cream/white blazer, Black mock neck top, chunky gold necklace and pointed toe flats.

Photo 4

There you have it! Which style was your favorite? Tell me how would you style animal print midi skirts?



How to Style Tights in the Winter- 3 Outfit Ideas

Now that the winter season is in full swing, its time to layer up! And while wearing layers may include tanks, tees, sweaters, and jackets, this can leave you negligent on covering up your most important asset (pun intended). While heat primary escapes from your head, it also escapes from your extremities; including your hands and feet!

The winter season can be a bear of a time when finding the right outfit inspiration.         Its easy to settle into a routine and unconsciously look like a potato for the next couple months. Which is why there’s no better time to think about the versatility and benefits of exploring tights!

Tights not only allow you to wear that short dress without worrying if you’re overexposing yourself to innocent civilians but, it also can assist in elevating your style instantly! Luckily, there are tons of choices when it comes to tights. Various patterns, densities, and colors to choose from! Personally, I enjoy wearing neutral tones for my complexion and black shades as it coordinates best in my wardrobe. I source majority of my tights in bulk from Marshall’s or T.J. MAXX for the best deal and fit. Enough talking about it- let me show you a few ways I enjoy wearing stockings in the winter!

With my Favorite Jumpsuit

Just because winter has come, doesn’t mean all my favorite pieces have to go! Tights are the best way to coordinate when layering under thinner fabrics in their off season. It not only will keep you warm but, it will extend the wear of some of your favorite items.

I picked up this olive jumpsuit on clearance at the end of summer and didn’t get as much wear as I would have liked. To make it winter appropriate, I added stockings as a base layer, tan square toe Nine West boots, a super warm ivory turtle neck sleeveless sweater dress, and a trench coat I found all at Goodwill!


They Look Great with Boots

The high boot & blue jeans look, for me, is not a style I gravitate anymore. Mainly, the thought of adding boots with a thick blue jean, for instance, has the tendency to break up the length of the leg on a person into 4 parts. Depending how short or tall you are, this could end up not working in your favor. I typically pair my favorite riding boots with tights under a dress or skirt that hits just above my knees. It showcases the length of your legs & also shows the beauty of the boots! After all, isn’t that the reason you bought the boots in the first place?

I layered my black tights under a corduroy long sleeve dress, tall suede black riding boots, my thrifted gold chain for a pop of color & Levi’s shearling lined jacket!


With a Leather Skirt

The look of a leather skirt in the winter is one of my favorite outfits to put together. The leather (in this case, pleather) adds an element of chic but sassy whenever I wear it. I got this skirt at a charity shop during my trip to London last month and have already worn it more times than I’d like to admit! I love how versatile the hue is when paired with the majority of the items in my closet.

I especially enjoy styling this look with a mock neck sweater, thin black tights and my most recent purchase, suede Talbots ribbon shoes I picked up from Goodwill for $6! For an added flair, I might incorporate my fux fur vest for added texture!


And there you have it! Three outfits to incorporate your favorite pair of tights. How do you I like to style tights in the winter? Tell me some of your ideas in the comments below!



DIY Projects

My Thrifted Capsule Travel Wardrobe

I recently took my first trip to Europe this past week to one of my dream travel destinations, London!

While I knew that the weather would be just as cold as it is here in D.C., I also knew that future Danielle would appreciate an easy and comfortable travel experience as much as possible. Comfort when traveling includes packing less, packing sustainably, and packing versatile enough to ensure that I am ready for the weather elements, unforeseen illness & other conditions.

I’m sure you’ve by now heard of a capsule wardrobe. But, in case you haven’t, a capsule wardrobe enforces the concept of collecting a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces.

Thinking of traveling internationally, touring a large city for a few days, dinners & many nights out, I needed to think strategically about what I should pack for my week stay in London!

Here is a look at my wardrobe list that I packed with some items I found while shopping at Goodwill!


Lucky Brand Leather Suede Oxford Shoes

Knee High Black Boots



Grey Turtle Neck Sweater

Black & Cream silk slip dress (for layering)

Black Thick knit mock sweater

Animal Print Zara button up

Black Button up blouse


Graphic Hoodie


Animal print ankle pants

Levi’s Rib-cage Denim Jeans

Footed Leggings & Nylon Trouser Socks

Jogger sweatpants


Silver Michael Kors Down Jacket

Scar, earmuffs, gloves

These items, totalling less than 20 items, allowed me to have clarity in knowing what I wanted to wear each day, saving not only time while getting ready each morning, but allowing myself the extra room in my checked luggage to add NEW items while on vacation! Have you ever tried a capsule wardrobe? If so, what do you think about trying them while traveling or even for a season?




One Summer Trend I Am Not Ready To Let Go of This Fall

“Bring on the sweater weather” I exclaimed!

On September 23rd, 2019 I was, like most people, ready for fall to roll around. Fall has a beautiful appeal to it. The cooler weather, comfort foods, the natural changing colors of nature around you can easily evoke feelings of nostalgia and comfort.

However, this year was a bit different. What changed? Well, actually it all comes down to this very unique purchase I made from my local D.C. Goodwill that made me miss the occasional blistering days of summer. I will start off to say that I do not play into fashion rules, as they are a bit restricting. Besides, I like to think that fashion has no rules to follow. Each of us have an internal desire to express ourselves and what role we play in the world. So, what an easier way to do that than by expressing that through the clothes we choose to wear?

Rules such as no white after Labor day or to someone’s wedding, show less leg & cleavage for modesty, and my all time favorite, tall girls shouldn’t wear heels are rules that are at this point laughable. As restricting as they may seem, there is still one that I even found myself contemplating and that is, “should I continue wearing linen in the fall”?

This question, normally something that I would never ask myself but, when I came across this beautiful piece from Zara, I instantly knew it was special. Lately, I have been obsessively checking Pinterest and Youtube to make sure that I am up to date on all the latest fashion trends for fall and have created quite the vision board for the upcoming season. So far my color palette has surrounded around nudes, neutrals, textures, and versatile patterns. However, when I caught the eye of this top, it reminded me that its possible to blend the two wonderful seasons together through the wonderfulness that is  linen fabric.

As you may have experienced, early fall days seem to resemble much of summer (at least in the afternoon) when the sun comes to its highest point and that cozy sweater in the mornings becomes a furnace with sleeves. And because of that, I found that this piece is perfect because of a.) its breathability within the fabric, b.) its natural brown hue and of course c.) its versatility to be paired with so much already in my closet!

The top has a beautiful deep v along with a predetermined wrap detail attached creating the perfect syncing to your waist, creating the perfect silhouette to any frame. Although this top is an extra large, the natural belting detail constructed into the top compensates for it being a size too big for me normally. Here I decided to pair them with my slightly distressed boyfriend denim jeans with raw hem along with my new favorite kitten block animal print heels; because you aren’t doing fall right if you don’t have at least one animal print in each of your outfits 😉

What are some summer pieces that you want to style into the summer-fall transition season?